OULU—The hand grenade that was found in Kontti recycling center in Oulu on Saturday is harmless. The Finnish Defense Forces removed the grenade and found that it didn’t contain explosive compounds and that the detonator was broken.

On Saturday, Oulu Police Department said on Twitter that a hand grenade had been found in Kontti recycling center around noon on Saturday in Oulu, northern Finland.

The hand grenade was found among the recycled items that had arrived for sale. The building was evacuated, and the police were guarding the area. The defense forces removed the grenade.

Kontti is a recycling center chain operated by the Finnish Red Cross, which sells donated items. Two-thirds of the profits are given to domestic aid and one-third are given to the international relief fund.

Oulu is a city and municipality of about 205,600 inhabitants in North Ostrobothnia region in northern Finland.