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Half of the foreigners, who are studying for a degree in Finland are planning to stay here after their studies, reveals a new survey: the International Student Barometer.

Of the respondents, a total of 6,650 foreign students, 90 percent were happy with the services and support provided by the government and the schools, including housing, settling and beginning their studies. The students were happiest in the service provided by their educational establishments; they saw opening a bank account as most problematic.

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According to the survey, the studying environment is the strength of Finnish institutes of higher education—the students were very happy with it.

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Moreover, almost every participant was happy in their chance to study with people coming from different cultures.

In teaching, the best score was received by the expertise of the teachers and the level of English.

Every fourth of the last year’s students were planning to stay for a longer period in Finland after they graduate. (For over two years.) Every tenth for a shorter period.

An interesting find was that those students enrolled in studies related to technology and commerce were more interested in working for a longer period in Finland when students of society, natural science, mathematics and computer sciences were interested in working for shorter periods.

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In conclusion, 83 percent of the students studying for a degree would recommend Finland as a country to study in.