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ft-vaasaThis weekend you can jump into your bikinis or shorts unless you live in Vaasa, the regional capital of Osthrobothnia, where thunder and hails covered the ground in a layer of snow at parts of the city on Friday evening.

The hailstones were 5 to 20 millimeters thick in diameter.

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Hails are formed in powerful thunder showers, which arise from a combination of moist and heat – common weather in August.

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In general, southern Finland baths in warm weather during the weekend; temperatures of 22 to 23 degrees Celsius are likely to prevail.

However, in the western and middle parts of the country, rain showers are common but between the showers the temperature climbs to about 20 degrees.

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Sunday is likely to be dry and sunny, especially in southern and eastern parts of Finland.

The beginning of the week is likely to warm as well. Hot weather is possible, too.

Sources: MTV, The Finnish Meteorological Institute, Twitter