Stock picture: Finland Today


A group of men in masks attacked a chemical warehouse in Espoo early on Monday afternoon.

The men assaulted a truck driver at the yard of Karapellontie 6, at the premises of a Finnish family business Algol. The driver suffered head injuries from hits and was taken to the hospital.

According to the investigator in charge, Chief Inspector Kari Siivo from the Western Uusimaa Police Department, the men were looking for something, but because of the early stage of the investigations, he will not surrender to speculation about what.

Siivo said that the attack appeared to be planned; they probably switched cars and at the very least the license plates.

The police are looking for a total of five suspects together with the Finnish Customs. There are observations, for example, from the nearby gas station.

Later in the afternoon, the police apprehended several suspects at the Olympic Terminal in Helsinki’s southern harbor.

According to the police, the suspects are thought to be linked to the attack in Espoo.