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Pictures: Rory Barr for Finland Today

If there was any shadow of a doubt that the 70’s are back in a big way in fashion, those thoughts were put to rest at the Gloria Fashion Show on Saturday evening at the Helsinki Cable Factory. An endless parade of modest, button up shirt dresses in novelty patterns were marched down the runway paired with modern elements such as fur, army jackets, ankle boots and at times sequins. Corduroy, one of the fabric darlings of the 70’s also made a repeat appearance last night by way of slacks and blazers.  


The down puffer jacket, which has globally become an ‘it’ item for fall/ winter 2016 was featured heavily as it works well for the realities of the Finnish climate. Italian heritage brand, Colmar, was the most innovative of its use of down, as they made bright jackets in citrus hues and a slew of warm and wonderful knee-length skirts. In the dark and cold nights to come, how fun would it be to be twirling in the snow in a cozy, puffy skirt?


The Gloria Fashion Show crew knew their audience, which was composed to mobile, fashionable women in their 30’s and 40’s. The collections and specific outfits reflected this demographic. Most of the looks were designed for a safe but stylish woman to wear at work or on date night. There were a lot of silken berry-toned pussy bow blouses, navy wool coats with gold tone buttons and gray sheath dresses.


Menswear was also part of the show and it had an English preppy-at-Cambridge, aesthetic to it, with slim cut wool three-piece suits, polished brogues and button downs to match.

Over 30 labels paraded their wares down the catwalk, however, the endless march of the models was broken up by unique interludes. Bedazzled gymnasts, a cellist, a tenor and a troupe of dancers made the evening lively.


Like last year, the last label to walk the runway was a collaboration between ice cream heavyweight Magnum and designer Teemu Muurimäki. The fun and festive frocks were a welcome change from the onslaught of work appropriate separates. Thick metallic silks and brocades in jewel tones danced down the stage in an array of flirty and feminine silhouettes. I especially enjoyed the pairing of a sea green dress and glossy red chandelier earrings. It was fresh and bold and not at all Christmassy, as one would think when combining those two colors.

At the end of the evening, several confetti bombs burst from the ceiling, signaling that another successful Gloria Fashion Show had come to a close for this year. Everyone left in good spirits and most importantly with a tote heavily laden with free swag. Bravo!