Druskininkai is a beautiful spa town surrounded by surreal nature, located in the corner of Lithuania.

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A visit to the Druskininkai Town Museum is highly recommended while traveling to Druskininkai, the amazing spa town in Lithuania.

The traditions of a spa town have been nurtured for many centuries in Druskininkai, a beautiful town situated in the corner of Lithuania surrounded by breathtaking nature.

Local hotels, spa centers and sanatoriums tempt with various health-promoting and beauty treatments, many of which include the unique natural resources of this region, such as mineral water springs and therapeutic mud. As soon as the visitors are done enjoying a pampering rest and regaining strength, the spa town invites them to quench their curiosity, get to know and enjoy an active pastime all at once.

Trails from 1 to 100 km long

The landscape of Druskininkai and the town’s surroundings encompass centuries-old pine forests, rivers, lakes — and valleys of extraordinary beauty that are enchanting with their unique charm at any time of the year. So, the spa town invites those who enjoy spending time in nature to choose a trail they like and travel in the area independently.

Nearby the Druskininkai Town Museum in Vijūnėlė Park exercise equipment and a children’s playground are available for families to enjoy.

There will certainly be no shortage of activities: there are educational trails ranging from 1 to 100 kilometers in length in Druskininkai and its surroundings when the options for traveling along the routes include using both bicycles and rollerblades as well as scooters, skis, or Nordic walking poles, depending on the length, the season and preferences.

Meanwhile, motor vehicles will come in handy for those who want to visit more sites and travel around the spa town, so both personal vehicles and the convenient local public transport could prove to be very useful in this regard. For example, a route put together for travelers with such needs, which includes 20 different sites, is even 93 kilometers long.

Tourism specialists of Druskininkai refer to the “Sun Trail” that winds along both banks of the River Ratnyčia, as probably the most famous and the most beloved trail both among visitors and local residents.

The route was meticulously measured because of the previously popular health-promoting procedure involving measured walks with signs marking the distances placed along the trail. Nowadays some of the most appealing characteristics of the trail include the chance to enjoy not only the views of nature and tranquility but also rest areas, gazebos and bridges.

A sight to be admired and to delve into knowledge

Travelers going along the Sun Trail are welcome to visit the Forest Museum “Girios aidas,” which is a great place to get to know the nature of Dzūkija up close. The permanent exhibits at the museum tell about the nature, birds, insects, animals and plants of this region. In contrast, interactive games and background sounds of nature will prepare you to recognize the chirping of any bird later on.

On the coast of Nemunas, the traveler can walk along the Nemunas Trail.

The newly renovated Nemunas Trail is also gaining popularity in the spa town. It invites visitors to appreciate the picturesque pine forests on the banks of the Nemunas, the largest river in Lithuania where the visitors can enjoy a break at the rest and viewing areas and stop by the slopes of the river to admire the fantastic panorama of the Love Island.

During the interwar period, this island had a very popular beach that was connected to the Druskininkai shore by a pedestrian bridge. Now this place operates as the Druskininkai Botanical Reserve.

The choice of the 16 kilometers long Žilvinas Trail comes with a recommendation to start the trip from the curved white bridge in the old town of Druskininkai, at the confluence of the River Nemunas and the River Ratnyčėlė. The winding paths of the trail take through the Druskininkai pine forests leading to Lage Ilgis, known as the fisherman’s paradise, which delights with its excellent environment suitable for recreational purposes.

The joy of countless discoveries

Those, who choose to take a walk in the town, will undoubtedly be impressed by Lake Druskonis lying in the spa town. The well-kept environment and wonderful views of nature attract crowds of both local and visiting vacationers.

Centuries-old pines rustling on the shore of the lake are depicted in postcards dating back as far as the 19th century, while the lights decorating the trees create a wonderful winter fairy tale during the hours of darkness.

Visiting families will not be bored: there are exercise equipment and a children’s playground available in Vijūnėlė Park and the Druskininkai Town Museum is located nearby. One of the most impressive routes starts right here, at this museum, inviting visitors not only to admire the picturesque strokes of the town and the landscape but also to experience the joy of historical, architectural and cultural discoveries.

Mizarai meteorite site and crater, a witness of the 500–600-million-year-old catastrophe probably makes the most excellent observation point of the town.

Here’s the legendary Devil’s Stone that is protected by the state. Historians associate the stone with sacrifices to the old Baltic gods.

In Raigardas Valley you can find the legendary Devil’s Stone as well as the Leipalingis Manor, which houses another museum of the town rich in tens of thousands of exhibits. These are only a small part of the opportunities to get to know or rediscover one of the most popular and unique Lithuanian spa towns.

Another 15-kilometer-long route “Druskininkai along Bicycle Paths” takes to the most famous local sights. In addition to the already mentioned Druskininkai Town Museum, it also leads to the Old Town Cemetery, the historical Physiotherapy Park and the more than 300 meters deep Beauty Spring producing the saltiest mineral water in Druskininkai.

Comfortable and smart traveling

The town’s tourism specialists remind us that, in addition to tens of kilometers of bicycle paths, footpaths and a comfortable Nordic walking track have been built to meet the needs of all lovers of active leisure in nature in the Druskininkai pine forests alone.

The Beauty Spring produces the saltiest mineral water in Druskininkai.

Furthermore, the modern and convenient infrastructure of bicycle paths in the spa town adding up to almost 60 kilometers here is vibrant not only during the warm season. Lighting has been equipped along most of them and the paths are maintained and cleaned even in winter. Thus, in the cold season, certain stretches can only be passed through on foot or on cross-country skis, which can be rented upon arrival at the spa town.

It is worth noting that the town offers excellent conditions for those who want to stay surrounded by nature; the modern Druskininkai camping site with even 200 spots available is not lacking in popularity among such travelers.

More suggestions of any other places of interest and attractions both in the spa town itself and in Dzūkija region as well as details on how to travel comfortably and meaningfully are available in the app “Druskininkai legendų takais,” in English: Druskininkai along the Paths of the Legends. (It is available for downloading here.)

A few clicks on the smart device make it easy to choose the most suitable route and sights or arrange it according to your individual needs, while the audio guide will make traveling even easier and more fun.

The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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