Here’s the facade of the new terminal at Helsinki Airport. Photograph: FINAVIA / Click to view the gallery

HELSINKI–VANTAA—Finavia opened a new terminal at Helsinki Airport on Tuesday, which centralizes the check-in, security controls and baggage claims in a single terminal.

Ulla Lettijef, the director of Helsinki Airport, describes the event in a statement as “turning over a new leaf” in the history of the airport.

With a single terminal, getting around the airport is easier. It also simplifies the life of those who meet or escort passengers. The services are concentrated under one roof, making them more accessible than before.

It is now possible for cars and taxis to drive directly in front of the main doors to drop off passengers. There is lift access from the train station and the new parking garage P1/P2 to the terminal. The other car parks and the short-term parking for people receiving passengers are also just a few minutes walk from the main doors of the terminal. The bus station and the bike parking area are also right in front of the entrance doors to the terminal.

Terminals 1 and 2 and the corridor connecting them will be taken out of use. The old departure and arrivals halls will be closed and converted into passenger and staff areas.

“The last time Helsinki Airport operated in one terminal was almost 30 years ago. At that time, the terminal in use was the first actual passenger terminal that opened in 1969 and was later expanded in 1983,” says Lettijeff.

Helsinki Airport was originally opened for the Helsinki Olympics, 70 years ago.

With the opening of the new terminal, the 10-year development program is nearing completion, and according to Lettijeff, the work will be finished next year when a new baggage claim hall will start operating.

“Construction sites can still be seen throughout the terminal, as a few new points of service are under construction,” says Lettijeff.

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