Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach performing at the Circus music venue in Helsinki on October 28, 2019. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

It’s a fact that Finns don’t like it if you’re going to cut the gig short because you’re going to Sweden.

But according to Killswitch Engage vocalist, Jesse Leach, he’s Swedish so “FU!”

The crowd at the sold-out Circus music venue in Helsinki booed loudly after the sudden announcement that there are only two songs left after an hour of intense performing. That’s when Leach decided to give nasty remarks to the audience.

The spectators didn’t seem to like it.

Before that, the crowd was cheering, dancing and moshing. 

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Killswitch Engage, the Massachusetts heavy metal titan, gave a storming performance on Monday night.

There was no holding back with songs like “My Last Serenade,” “I Am Broken Too” and “Signal Fire,” of which the latter two are new material from their latest and eighth album, Atonement.

When they performed their older songs sung on record by the group’s ex-vocalist Howard Jones, sometimes Leach’s high vocals fell flat until he took over with growling.

It was a good strategy to inspire the audience to sing during the high parts of “My Curse” and “The End of Heartache,” which before were performed by Jones

“Strength of the Mind” was a mindblower. Well rehearsed. Obviously, often played. “As Sure as the Sun Will Rise,” from their latest album could be heard in your ears hours after the gig.

Killswitch Engage ended their set with “Holy Diver,” a Dio cover.

Then they were on their way to Sweden.


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