On Monday night, high pressure brought night frost to northern Finland, and people saw ground frost even in the southern parts, but the daytime temperatures are going to climb between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

In fact, daytime highs of 20 degrees (south) and lows of 15 (north) are expected throughout the week. Cold nights can be expected, though—especially between Tuesday and Wednesday.

The temperatures between night and day can at their most extreme be over 15 degrees Celsius.

Rain showers and possible thunder are likely on Thursday across the country.

Rain chances are going to increase by the end of the week while the daytime temperatures are going be between 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures (°C)Location
–3,6 Sodankylä Vuotso
–2,7Sodankylä Lokka
–2,6Kittilä Pokka
–2,1Sodankylä Tähtelä
–2,0Kittilä Lompolonvuoma
–1,8Savukoski kirkonkylä
–1,8Ylitornio Meltosjärvi
–1,8Inari Saariselkä
–1,5Kittilä kirkonkylä
–1,5Kittilä lentoasema
Temperatures on the first night of September 2020 before 06:45 in the morning. Source: Foreca

Sources: Foreca, the Finnish Meteorological Institute