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Singer Sampsa Astala, who is the drummer formerly known as Kita. Picture: Tomi Wahlroos

Hard Rock Hallelujah!

Remember the song? It won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, performed by the monster mask-wearing Finnish hard-rock group, Lordi.

In their prime, Lordi was very protective of their identity, always wearing masks in public. This caused the former keyboard player Awa rash and irritated eyes due to the constant use of contact lenses. The suit was incredibly hot, too!

When the sensational 7 päivää magazine published the picture of Lordi’s lead singer, Tomi Putansuu, on their cover without his mask in May 2006, directly disobeying the band’s request to not publish any pictures of their unmasked members, a petition demanding a boycott against the magazine gathered over 221,000 names; advertisers like the Finnish brewery and soft drinks company Olvi pulled out their campaigns and a protest was arranged in front of the magazine’s office.

It took a formal apology by the editor-in-chief until the storm started settling.

Today, the former members, Kita (drummer), Awa (keyboards) and Kalma (bassist), smile and wave hands to the rhythm of Sampsa Astala’s pop rock song “Mikä pahan tappais (What Would Kill the Evil)”. Unmasked, of course. Astala is the former drummer, Kita, Niko Hurme used to be Kalma and Leena Peisa performed as Awa.

Take a look at the video. But be prepared . . . .

It sounds nothing like Lordi.


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