According to the Helsinki District Court, the former Helsinki police drug chief, Jari Aarnio, helped to smuggle a total of 791 kilos of hashish in barrels. Picture Mark Giles/Flickr

The former head of Helsinki police drug department, Jari Aarnio, was sentenced to 10 years in prison at the Helsinki District Court on Thursday morning.

Aarnio was convicted for six aggravated drug crimes and several others.

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According to the court, Aarnio was the central figure in smuggling hashish to Finland during 2011-2012 – a total of 791 kilos.

The court said that Aarnio had interfered with the police investigations of the smuggling, where the hash had been contrabanded to Finland in barrels.

Aarnio will serve a total sentence of 13 years. He was sentenced to three years in prison in September for crimes related to Trevoc surveillance equipment, where Aarnio gained financial benefit from buying apparatus from the company he was involved in.

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Source: District Court of Helsinki

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