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Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The state alcohol  monopoly, Alko, opened a net store on Tuesday. The store, however, doesn’t operate like a typical store on the web.

1. You are only able to order by logging in with your bank identifiers regardless of the method of payment.
2. One can order booze as a registered or unregistered customer. One must, however, use bank identifiers during all purchases. This is necessary to verify the age of the customer.
3. The products are not delivered to the door while ordering as a private customer. The alcohol is delivered to a local Alko of choice.
4. The customer receives a text message when the order has arrived at the store. The identification is verified when picking up the bottle(s). The alcohol will not be sold to a drunk customer.
5. Only company customers can order booze with a delivery to a specific location. This is possible only during Alko’s opening hours and the identification is checked while picking up the delivery.

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The purpose of the net store is to increase the supply of products in Alko stores in remote areas. Alko’s net store offers a selection of 5,000 products.

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