Fiskars is known, among others, for its iconic scissors. Photograph: Public domain

Fiskars Group will begin job negotiations concerning 113 employees in retail stores across the country.

Fiskars, one of the most iconic Finnish companies, known for its kitchen accessories, cutting and garden products, is planning to close some stores while preparing to expand others.

“The estimated number of affected employees is 53 at maximum,” Fiskars noted in a statement.

Nathalie Ahlström, president and CEO of Fiskars Group, said:

“The dialogue between the consumers and brands is to an increasing extent happening online—however, our retail stores are a vital part in creating the consumer experience. These actions will help us in capturing future opportunities, but they are not easy, given the anticipated impact on our employees.”

The planned changes are a part of Fiskar’s reconstructing program announced in December 2019.

The coronavirus pandemic has also, according to Fiskars, influenced the company “to be agile to adapt.”

At the end of 2020, Fiskars Group had approximately 6,400 employees, of whom 1,100 were in Finland.