The first snow arrives in Lapland. During the weekend a snow blanket of 21 centimeters was measured in Kemijärvi on Sunday morning. (On Friday the snow depth in Kemijärvi was zero.)

In Kittilä, the snow depth was 20 centimeters, in Salla 17 centimeters, in Sodankylä 15 centimeters and in Enontekiö 13 centimeters.

The snowfall continued during Sunday, and the first snow arrived among other places in Southern Ostrobothnia and Northern Savonia, where a snow depth of between 2 and 3 centimeters was measured. In the evening in Kemijärvi, according to weather service Foreca, a snow blanket of as much as 24 centimeters was measured.

A low-pressure area is hovering over southern and central parts, which is turning the weather cold.

Some snow may arrive near the capital region on Monday morning, and the roads are partly slippery.

The night between Monday and Tuesday is going to be cold.

Tuesday is likely to be sunny in most parts but the temperatures stay below 5 degrees Celsius.

During the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, a new rain area—partly snow, partly water—is approaching, and some snow, some rain will be experienced in various parts during the day. Daytime temperatures of between 8 and 9 degrees Celsius are expected in the southern parts, while the temperatures are going to drop to around minus 2 degrees in the northern parts.

After Wednesday, the weather is likely to become warmer. If any snow is to arrive, it’s going to happen in the northern parts. Daytime highs of between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius are expected in the southern parts, while the northern parts are likely to experience daytime temperatures of around 0 degrees.

After the weekend, according to the latest long-term forecast, the weather is to become warmer. Even in the northern parts, the rain is going to come down as rain.