Asnowman is love and laughter all rolled up in to one, and thirty percent of Finns have built a snowman during the winter, according to a survey ordered by outdoor organization Suomen Latu.

The outdoor organization also organized a campaign, which encouraged Finns across the country to build a snowman and post the picture to Instagram. Most of the winter consisted of frozen snow — and as you may have heard the best snowman weather is during a thaw —, but still over 50,000 Finns joined the campaign.

“Outdoor activities and playing in the snow are still an interest of the families,” said Eki Karlsson, the executive director at Suomen Latu. “We are happy that we were able to provide a video, which showed a way to build a snowman even in frozen snow.”

Here are some of the best snowmen selected by our staff from the Instagram campaign #UlkonaKuinLumiukko (#OutLikeASnowman).

And the instruction video can be viewed here.


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Picture on the front page: Jon Wiggens/Flickr