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Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

During vacation, Finns avoid making big decisions related to, for example, moving, changing workplace, buying a new car or divorce, reveals a survey by travel website

Instead, the vacation urges Finns to delve into soul-searching.

11 per cent of the participants told that during their holidays they had decided to become a better friend, partner or parent; 9 per cent said that they would exercise more after the vacation and 7 per cent answered that they had decided to put more effort into working and studying.

The survey also reveals the romantic side of Finns. As much as 3 per cent decided that they want to marry their date and 5 per cent of the participants revealed that they had been proposed during the vacation.

Finns are also pretty free-minded while relaxing: 22 per cent of the participants said that they had experienced a holiday romance with a complete stranger.

Compared with many other nationalities, Finns are better at keeping away from the everyday routine while on vacation. When for example 8 per cent of the Turkish people decided to have children while on leave, only 2 per cent of Finns had made a corresponding decision. And when counting the percentages of nationalities who had abruptly ended their vacations, the Russians (14%), Chinese (13%) and Turkish (12%) kept the top positions while only 3 per cent of Finns had called off their holiday.

Also, a significantly smaller number of Finns make decisions of starting to live a more active lifestyle: When 30 per cent of the Turks, 26 per cent of the Russians and 31 per cent of Chinese said that they would start implementing healthier lifestyles, only 3 percent of Finns decided to do the same.

Momondo conducted the survey in January 2015 and 1006 Finns in ages 18 to 65 participated in the survey. The same survey was also conducted in 14 other countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Great Britain, Russia, the US, Turkey and China.