President Sauli Niinistö and his spouse, Jenni Haukio, with their beloved Boston terrier, Lennu, while receiving Christmas greeting in Mäntyniemi, Helsinki, on December 18, 2013. Photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

Finnish presidential couple’s beloved dog, Lennu, has passed away.

“The presidential family is grieving deeply the passing of their beloved family member,” the president’s office reported on Twitter on Saturday.

Their dog, Lennu, a Boston terrier, passed away “quickly due to a malignant pituitary tumor.” Lennu was 10 years old.

When Lennu was about two to three years old, he was seen in public, for example, while the presidential couple received Christmas greetings. He was vivid, lively, and after the ceremonies often eager to chew a bone or sniff a journalist’s leg.


President Sauli Niinistö remembered Lennu on Facebook:

“If it was a matter of the depth of our love, you would have lived forever. Our sorrow is unfathomable,” the president said.