Robert Helenius comes out victorious after knocking down his Polish opponent, Adam Kownacki, in Brooklyn, New York. Stock picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

A clean right cross took Kownacki down for the first time in the fourth round in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. After Kownacki recovered, Helenius attacked with a flurry of punches until there was nothing left of his Polish opponent.

A right-left combo sent Kownacki down to the canvas. For the last time. It was all over.

Before the sunrise in Finland on Sunday morning, the Finnish heavyweight boxer, Robert “The Nordic Nightmare” Helenius, 36, was now the winner for the most important fight of his career: he is now entitled to face the WBA heavyweight title holder. The belt is currently held by British Anthony Joshua.

Helenius’ game plan worked right from the beginning. He masterfully avoided Kownacki’s attacks, who is not much shorter than him (191cm), but is known to being capable of hitting an average of 100 punches per round.

Round after round Kownacki kept attacking with storming punches but Helenius slipped and ducked, avoided most of them, with the speed and finesse of a true craftsman.

The crowd who were rooting for Kownack in red and white shirts and booing for Helenius while waving the Polish flags, saw their hero falling down. But such is life in the ring.

There can only be one king.

And he’s now Robert Helenius.