As of July 12, Finnair does not have any requirements regarding coronavirus certificates.

Photograph: Seppo JJ Sirkka EASTPRESS

In line with the new entry restrictions revealed by the government on Tuesday, Finnair will as of July 12 discontinue its requirement for customers to present Covid-19 certificates before boarding flights to Finland.


“With the new legislation, the requirements for entry are checked on arrival, so our customers do not need to show their certificates to Finnair customer service agent at the check-in when their destination is Finland,” Jaakko Schildt, the Finnair chief operating officer, said in a statement. “We continue to check the documents for those transiting to an international flight at Helsinki, per authority requirements.”

Schildt added that “the health and safety of our customers is a key priority for us, and we continue to have comprehensive measures in place on our flights to ensure safe travel.” These, according to Schildt, include that passengers are required to wear a mask during the flight.

The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommended earlier this year that all airlines with flights to Finland require their customers to show either a negative test result, a certificate of recovery, or a vaccination certificate. Finnair has been the only airline flying to Finland who has adhered to this recommendation.

Finland’s new entry model opens up Finland for leisure travelers: travelers from EU and Schengen countries can enter Finland freely as of July 12 without any additional health safety measures when

  •     they are fully vaccinated, or 
  •     have had a covid-19 infection before, or 
  •     are born in 2006 or later, or 
  •     arrive from a country with low virus incidence.
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Those with one vaccination only are instructed to take a Covid-19 test earliest 72 hours after arrival to Finland, and those without any vaccinations are required in addition to having a negative test result before departure to Finland or a test on arrival.