Punctuality is very important for Finnair’s customers, so in the near future, only a small bag is allowed at no extra cost.

Photograph: Seppo Sirkka Eastpress | Finland Today

“Excess amounts of carry-on baggage cause delays in boarding and impact both punctuality of flights and travel comfort,” the majority government-owned air carrier, Finnair, notes in a statement.

In result, Finnair is “making changes” to its baggage allowances as of June 1.

In early June, a ticket type is introduced called the “Superflight,” which will replace the economy light tickets on Finnair journeys within Europe.

The Superflight ticket includes a small bag, which goes under the seat, but no other carry-baggage.

“Any purchases made at the airport are counted in the allowance, so they must also fit into the underseat bag,” the airline company notes.

But … “Finnair Plus tier members traveling with a Superlight ticket will have one carry-on bag in addition to the underseat bag as a tier benefit.”

“Punctuality is very important for our customers, and the target of the changes we are now making is to ensure smooth boarding, on-time departures and comfortable travel for everyone. Excess carry-on baggage on board is a known issue, impacting both punctuality as well as travel comfort,” Ole Orvér, the chief commercial officer at Finnair, says in the statement. “We are also enhancing monitoring of carry-on baggage at airports and excess carry-on baggage will be moved to the cargo hold at cost.”

Light tickets, which include a regular carry-on bag as well as a small underseat bag, will continue to be available for long-haul journeys and for business class on European flights. The classic ticket type “continues to be the right choice for customers who travel with both checked and carry-on baggage,” the company notes.

As of June 1, Finnair will also decrease the baggage allowance for the business class. In addition, all special baggage allowances, such as golf bags and ski equipment, will be excluded from the new ticket classifications and will only be available for an additional charge.