Finnair prepares for more layoffs due to the lowered demand for flights in the grip of the coronavirus outbreak.

Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

“It is clear that as we fly significantly less, the amount of work available is lower than normally as well,” says Johanna Karppi, the senior vice president for people and culture at Finnair, in a statement. “Considering the uncertainties caused by travel restrictions and the coronavirus situation in general, the return to normal will take a considerable time. That is why the temporary layoffs we now start negotiations on unfortunately seem to be inevitable.”

The layoffs concern all employees in Finland, about 6,100. The discussions will start on May 25. Finnair estimates that if realized, the layoffs could be temporary for a fixed period of time or until further notice based on needs. The government-owned airline is also planning layoffs for its employees outside Finland.

Between April and June from July, Finnair flies only five percent of its normal traffic and has thus already temporarily laid off its personnel.


As Finnair has previously indicated, the need to adjust personnel resources to the situation continues at least for 2020.

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