Photograph: NIH

Finland’s digital Covid-19 vaccination certificate was made available in My Kanta Pages on Wednesday, the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) reports.

The certificate will contain information of the Covid-19 vaccinations received by the certificate holder. The information is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Vaccination certificates are available to all those who have a Finnish personal identity code.

One can get a coronavirus certificate after the first jab of the vaccine.

In May and June, many users will have to wait a while before they can view their certificate, because of delays in data transfer. In the future, according to THL, the delay should be no more than five days.

Currently, according to THL, around 72 percent of the vaccinated population can access their certificate.

When, for example, crossing the border the certificate can be shown in a digital format from a mobile phone. It can also be printed out on paper. A healthcare provider can also provide a paper certificate of the vaccination.

The government still recommends avoiding unnecessary travel abroad.

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