Blind Channel’s vocalists Niko Vilhelm and Joel Hokka. Photograph: Miikka Varila

Finland’s Blind Channel qualifies for the grand final of Eurovision song contest 2021 held on Saturday in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The group that comes from the northern city of Oulu performed “Dark Side” in the second semi-final late on Thursday evening.

Under red lights, Blind Channel gave the audience of 3,500 an energetic cocktail of metal, rap and rock—something the group calls “violent pop.” Originally their intent was to spice up the show by waving middle fingers but in a spark of creativity, they had decided to paint them red to attract enough attention without lifting them up.

During the vote count, the announcers held the Finnish audience back home and in the arena in feverish excitement.

When there was only one place left from the 10 grand finalists (17 countries competed in total), the audience started shouting “Finland, Finland, Finland!”

Vocalist Joel Hokka took a long sip of a beer bottle.

And finally, the announcers called Finland a grand finalist.

Here’s the full list of the 10 grand finalists:

San Marino / Senhit – Adrenalina

Greece / Stefania – Last Dance

Moldova / Natalia Gordienko – SUGAR

Iceland / Da∂i Freyr og Gagnamagni∂ – 10 Years

Serbia / Hurricane – Loco Loco

Albania / Anxhela Peristeri – Karma

Portugal / The Black Mamba – Love Is On My Side

Bulgaria / Victoria – Growing Up is Getting Old

Finland / Blind Channel – Dark Side