The decision is based on a rising number of coronavirus infections.

Photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

The Finnish government decided on Thursday to reinstate internal border control between Finland and Austria; between Finland and Slovenia; and between Finland and Switzerland.


The decision is based on the increasing number of coronavirus infections in the aforementioned countries.

The new restrictions will come into effect on Monday, July 27.

In addition, internal border control and travel restrictions will continue between Finland and Sweden, Spain, Luxembourg, Portugal, Poland, France and the Czech Republic—except for leisure boating.

On Thursday, the government also decided to lift all travel restrictions for the following countries: Georgia, Japan, China, Ruanda, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. (Beginning on July 13, only work-related travel was allowed for the aforementioned countries.)

Since July 13, work-related travel was also allowed for Algeria and Australia, but after the latest assessment, borders will also be closed for them.

Previously, internal border control was lifted for the following countries outside the Schengen area: Andorra, Cyprus, Ireland, San Marino and the Vatican. In addition, the following countries are exempt from travel restrictions: Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Liechtenstein, Malta, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary.

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The government will give a new assessment on travel restrictions after two weeks.