Finland will start restricting traffic over its borders beginning on Thursday, March 19, to tackle the spreading of the coronavirus.

Stock picture: Jerry Gunner/Flickr

Passenger traffic will be restricted on Finland’s outer borders.

Internal border controls are reinstated.

According to the measures provided by the Emergency Powers Act, the government is banning passenger travel to a foreign country from Finnish citizens. Finnish citizens returning from a trip abroad should stay in home quarantine for 14 days. This includes travel by road, sea and flying. A Finnish citizen is always allowed to return to Finland, home.

Foreign travelers are allowed to leave the country.

Necessary commuter traffic is allowed and will continue at the internal borders. Even as the commuter traffic will not be restricted, the travel of foreign workers will be significantly harder because of the restrictions in air and boat traffic.

The restrictions at the borders will not limit refugees from seeking asylum in Finland.

In addition, the government has decided that sales of medicine, medical supplies and protective gear can be restricted in pharmacies.

The police are beginning to observe the ban for public gatherings of over 10 people. In practice, according to the police, the police will forbid all applications for public events of more than 10 people.

However, the police cannot ban, for example, protests, yard games, visits to the restaurants or to movie theaters.

The aforementioned measures are in effect until April 13.

Sources: The government, The Finnish Border Guard, The police