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Finland shines in cleantech innovation. One of its strong points is clean water. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Finland is ranked as a world leading cleantech country in the 2017 Global Innovation Index. The country retains 2nd place from 2014 in Cleantech Group and WWF’s prestigious ranking of the most innovative cleantech countries. Overall Nordic countries dominate the 2017 index, with Finland landing in between the leader Denmark and 3rd placed Sweden.

The new Global Innovation Index shows that Finland truly is a world leader when it comes to innovation in cleantech. It’s also a good reminder of that Finland was also selected as the greenest country in the world in 2016.

One of Finland’s innovation cornerstones has been the country’s focus on research and development, which is also highlighted among key factors in the 2017 index. Other Finnish strong points include Finland’s booming cleantech startup scene, the availability of funding and the amount of renewable energy jobs.

Finland is known for its cleantech expertise in, for example, clean water, bioenergy and air quality solutions.

The land of a thousand lakes sure knows clean water – and how to keep it that way.  The country’s world-class clean water expertise streams through various Finnish companies to drinking, waste and industrial waters near and far.

The secret behind the innovative Finnish bioenergy technology lies in the Finnish nature. The pioneering expertise in the use of natural materials like wood has given Finland a cutting-edge position on its way towards more sustainable energy production.

Finnish companies are also forerunners in reliable, scalable, and tested indoor air quality solutions for residential, commercial and healthcare applications – knowing that the solution to enhanced health and wellbeing is in the air.

Conversely, Finland has still ground to cover in attracting renewable energy investments while also cleantech imports and exports have a relatively low score.

1. Denmark (5)
2. Finland (2)
3. Sweden (4)
4. Canada (7)
5. USA (3)
6. Israel (1)
7. UK (6)
8. Germany (9)
9. Norway (14)
10. Switzerland (8)

Source: Cleantech Group