At the end of January, we reported that the Finnish airline, Finnair, will cancel all flights to mainland China until February 29.

Picture: Seppo Sirkka Eastpress / Finland Today

This morning, Finnair informs us that it will extend its flight ban until the end of the winter season. (The flights are canceled to Beijing Capital Airport and to Shanghai during March 1-28, 2020.) “The coronavirus situation has led to a temporary decline in air travel between China and Europe,” Finnair says.

Finnair will also cancel one of its double daily flights to Hong Kong between March 1 and March 28, 2020. Finnair has already earlier communicated the cancellation of its Nanjing, Beijing Daxing and Guangzhou flights during March due to the declined demand for group travel from China.


Customers whose flights have been canceled can change their travel dates or get a full ticket refund by contacting Finnair customer services.

As Finnair communicated in connection with its financial results on February 7, the direct financial impact of coronavirus during Q1 2020 is relatively limited, even if the mainland China cancellations continued until the end of Q1 2020.