According to the police estimate, 1,500 fans of the Finland national football team, Eagle Owls (Huuhkajat), marched through Helsinki’s main street Mannerheimintie on Friday evening to support Eagle Owls on their way to the European Championship in a game against Liechtenstein at the Töölö football stadium.

Even if lighting torches and fireworks were banned, there was plenty of smoke and thunderous blasts echoing along the route. Beer was swilled and songs chanted.

These were football fans to the bone, clad in Finnish flags, faces covered in masks and heads tucked under hoods, but cheerful as a nightingale.

Why wouldn’t they be?

They were sure that Finland will beat Liechtenstein.

At this writing, the Eagle Owls have beaten Liechtenstein 3-0.

“After the game, the whole city is going to celebrate,” a fan told Finland Today on his way to the stadium.

You can count on us to be in the streets with them.


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