Stock photo: Finland Today

The Finnish and Russian migration authorities will convene for a seminar on migration in Helsinki today. The purpose of the meeting is to establish permanent structures for cooperation between Finland and Russia in topics related to migration. Similar cooperation is already being carried out between the Finnish and Russian police authorities.

“Strengthening of the structures for cooperation is highly topical right now because migration issues that previously were the responsibility of a separate agency in Russia have recently been transferred to the Russian Ministry of the Interior. The objective is that the authorities from both countries would meet regularly to exchange information,” said Director General Jorma Vuorio in a bulletin.

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Topics on the agenda of the migration seminar include the current asylum situation in Finland and Russia, labor migration, facilitation of students’ access to traineeships in Finland and Russia and cooperation in the combating of illegal immigration.

The Finnish and Russian ministers of the interior have plans to meet and sign a joint declaration on the cooperation in November 2018.

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