‘Ghostbusters’: Film Review

The new Ghostbusters may have had an uphill battle to be taken seriously as comedic summer blockbuster potential, but the controversy only made the cast shine more brightly.

‘Eddie the Eagle’: Film Review

The story of a determined and relentless British ski jumper who wowed audiences at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics hits the big screen with success.

‘Room’: Film Review

Room portrays a conflict of two forces: one born free, the other in captivity. It's a masterpiece.

‘The Brothers Grimsby’: Film Review

The Brothers Grimsby is a strange cocktail of Austin Powers meets Ali G, with tinges of Bond and the intensity of Borat/Bruno, the latter major hits in Finland in the late 2000s.

‘Carol’: Film Review

Carol is nominated for 6 Oscars, including Best Cinematography. The finer details and dialogue are the true draw of this film.

‘Deadpool’: Film Review

Deadpool delivers with a strong screenplay and a lead actor perfect for the job. What more can you wish for?

‘The Revenant’: Film Review

Leonardo DiCaprio gives a performance of his life in the epic saga, The Revenant, and he doesn't even talk much.