The EasyPark parking application has been the victim of a cyber attack. But should you be worried?


“We are deeply sorry this happened and will continue to work hard every day to earn your trust.”

That’s how a statement by the chiefs of security of the EasyPark parking app commented on the data breach that happened in a cyber attack on December 10.


On Tuesday, this week, the news “broke” out as the Finnish mass media pushed out the “news” from every outlet known to a citizen in the command of the language.

We were lucky to catch it.

So … if you are using the parking app that makes paying for parking a breeze in any larger city, should you be worried?

According to the security experts: NO.

Because according to the statement:

  • Some of you were affected by the data breach. We are reaching out to all affected customers.
  • We took swift measures to stop the cyber attack.
  • We made sure our services continued to operate as usual.
  • We notified the appropriate authorities.
  • Our security team, including external security experts, is working hard to ensure effective security and privacy measures are in place.

But …

  • When you pay for parking, some digits of your debit or credit card of choice are displayed. These partial details were accessed. However, someone cannot make payments using this incomplete information.
  • If you were affected, some contact information you may have provided to us (such as name, phone number, physical address, and/or email address) were accessed.

And finally:

  • No combination of this stolen data can be used to perform payments.
  • Some of you were affected by the data breach. We are reaching out to all affected customers.

Then, last but not least, the apologies:


“At EasyPark Group, we take protecting your privacy seriously and strive to deliver the best possible experience for you. Experiencing a data breach naturally creates concerns for all of us.”