A shared e-scooter parking experiment is set to start in the center of Helsinki.

This year, the e-scooter operators have committed themselves to remove within 24 hours any scooters from the Helsinki center that have been unused or out of service for a day. Photograph: TONY ÖHBERG/FINLAND TODAY

The City of Helsinki and the operators of shared e-scooters have agreed to decrease the negative phenomena and misuse of these scooters.

The most visible changes in the streetscape will be the parking spaces for scooters that will appear in the next few weeks.

The green dots illustrate the designated parking places during the trial. Illustration: The City of Helsinki

It will still be possible to park the e-scooters outside the parking spaces, but the renters of the scooters will have to take a photo of the parked scooter.

“The operators will review these photos and will impose a monetary penalty for any clear violations of the parking rules,” the city notes in a statement. On the other hand, the operators will also develop incentives for parking the scooter in the appropriate parking space.

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While the city acknowledges in the statement that “shared e-scooters have quickly become a part of a more sustainable traffic system,” it also adds that “the parking of these vehicles has caused problems, particularly in the city center.”

Now, together with the e-scooter operators, the city will assign 25 locations for operators’ parking spaces and racks. The total number of parking spaces is around 400.

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No rent will be charged from the operators for the parking places. The operators will be responsible for the costs of the parking spaces and the racks, the city notes.

The operators will also establish a joint parking patrol, tasked with keeping the scooters in order on the streets and in the parking places. Last year, about 8,000 scooters in total were in use on the streets during the busiest summer season.

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The usage limits set by operators last autumn are in effect until further notice.

Here’s a recap:

During weekend nights from 12:00 at midnight to 05:00 in the morning, the scooters are removed from service completely.

In the daytime, the speed limit is 20 km/h, and on weekdays from midnight to 05:00 in the morning the maximum speed of the scooters is limited to 15 km/h.

These usage limitations may be adjusted in the spring, the city notes.