Disney’s Dumbo receives a Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Alice in Wonderland) treatment of darkness and detail on the classic tale of the tiny elephant whose large ears make the impossible possible.

In the process, we learn that surrounding your life with plebeians with belief and by blocking those big ears from the everyday noise of the riff-raff, a tiny thing like a feather could be all one needs to fly on another level.

In Dumbo, Burton’s attention to detail is out of this world. So is the film.


Dumbo features great performances by Michael Keaton as the villain (V.A. Vandevere) and Danny DeVito as Max Medici, the ringmaster. The child actors, Nico Parker (Milly Farrier) and Finley Hobbins (Joe Farrier), are awesome, too!

Get ready to Dumbooooo! In cinemas, March 29.