Stock photo: Heather Sunderland (Flickr)

An informant notified The Emergency Response Centre that he is suspecting that a man driving a tractor is drunk.

Soon, a police patrol started looking for the man, 60, from his home at Sonkajärvi, Northern Savonia.

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The informant had tried to stop the man from driving. A car had been driven in front of the tractor, aiming to stop the driver.

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But neither the car nor the informant was able to stop the man from taking off with the tractor.

The police found fresh footprints at the home yard of the alleged drunken driver. The tractor was there. The footprints led to the nearby forest.

With the aid of a police dog, the search for the driver began. Soon, the police were able to locate the man.

The breathalyzer revealed that the man’s blood alcohol level was 1.92 per mille.

He is suspected of aggravated drunken driving.

When the police tried to catch the man, the man started a brawl with the law enforcement.

In result, he is also suspected of impeding an official.

Sonkajärvi is a small municipality in Northern Savonia, famous for Wife Carrying World Championships.