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‘The Land of Smiles’ was the crowd-favourite among the Finnish documentaries. The film is a story about alcoholism and friendship. It shows that Thailand, known as the land of smiles, is not only a holiday paradise but also a place where dreams go to die. A former success in a Finnish tango festival competition, Tuomas now begs for money at the market of a Thai village. Is the help of his friends enough to pull him back on his feet? Picture: DocPoint

HELSINKI – DocPoint broke the record amount of spectators in the history of the six-day-long documentary festival with almost 30,000 visitors. The festival ended on Sunday.

The crowd-puller of the festival was ‘CITIZENFOUR’, the story of the whistle-blower Edward Snowden by the US director, Laura Poitras, which attracted almost 1,800 viewers to the cinemas.


Other foreign favourites were Christian Frein’s ‘Sleeples in New York’ and Jos de Putter’s ‘See No Evil’.

Finnish documentaries were also among the main attractions of the visitors.

‘The Land of Smiles’ (Hymyjen maa) by the director, Heikki Häkkinen, pulled the most amount spectators with three sold out showcases and ‘Leaving Africa’ by Iiris Härmä was another favourite to mention a few.

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