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Heikki Häkkinen’s ‘The Land of Smiles’ tells a story of an alcholised man in Thailand, who receives help from his friends. But is it too late? Picture: DocPoint

Eleven Finnish documentary films from 2014 will be shown at the DocPoint documentary festival at the end of January. They are all subtitled in English.

Markku Heikkinen’s ‘Men of Talvivaara Mine’ opens and premiers at DocPoint. According to the bulletin, the film does not recap old facts from news, but shows the ordinary life of a mineworker in Talviaara. It shows what it’s like to wake up every morning and head to work in the most hated facility in Finland.



‘HOME. Somewhere,’ is a story of rootlessness while living at the sea. Picture: DocPoint

Among others is Lotta Petronella’s ‘HOME. Somewhere.’ It tells a story of three men who have spent their lives near and at the mercy of the sea, where they experience rootlessness, and through their experience the viewers can re-examine their views of home and its significance.


Director Seija-Mäki Nevala brings a small village of Kihniö on the big screen. Picture: DocPoint

Another interesting film puts a small village of Kihniö on celluloid.

“There’s only one road across the village, a one-minute ride on a rigged moped,” says the summary of the film ‘Kihniö’,  which is directed by Seija Mäki-Nevala. The village is located in Pirkanmaa region, which has a population of 2084 and going down.

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Alcoholism takes over in Heikki Häkkinen’s ‘The Land of Smiles’. The documentary tells a story of Tuomas Kela living in Thailand. He has drunk his money, house, family and finally his health. Will the help of his friends be enough to rescue a man beaten down by alcoholism?

“The films often look beyond the city and, instead of sleek urban life, the portrayals focus on various sides of Finland. Many films approach topics through strong personalities, and surprisingly often through the directors’ own immediate social circle,” says the jury, which consists of actress Minna Haapkylä, MP Leena Harkimo, director Petri Luukkainen and director Hamy Ramezan.

DocPoint showcases a total of 166 documentaries during 27.1-1.2.2015.

The programme can be found here.

[divider]DocPoint in a nutshell[/divider]

 It started 13 years ago

DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival takes place annually in January in Helsinki, Finland and in Tallinn, Estonia. In 2015, DocPoint is organised  for the 14th time.

Founded in 2001, DocPoint Helsinki is one of the largest documentary film festivals in the Nordic countries. In Finland, it is the only festival solely dedicated to documentary films. DocPoint expanded to Tallinn in 2010, which makes the event the world’s only festival happening in two countries at the same time.