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Disruptions Likely in Metro and Tram Services

Disruptions Likely in Metro and Tram Services

Current disruptions in HSL’s services at 08:09 on October, 1 2018. Picture: HSL

Starting today, there may be cancellations to metro and tram services due to a ban on overtime and shift swaps announced by the Trade Union of the Public and Welfare Sectors. Metro and tram services are operated by Helsinki City Transport HKL. Most of HKL’s drivers are members of JHL.

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The number of canceled services will vary from day to day according to the number of drivers available. For example, services will be canceled if the driver falls ill and there is no spare driver. Because of the ban on shift swaps, HKL’s possibilities to determine which services are canceled are limited.

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HSL will inform passengers of canceled services and other disruptions to services online and via the disruption info service.


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