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Stores offer discounts of 75 per cent but Russians are not buying

Stores offer discounts of 75 per cent but Russians are not buying


Picture: Valentin Komposterov/Flickr

Russians are one of the most significant group of travellers to the Finnish economy. In 2013, the amount of money spent by foreigners was 4.4 billion euros, from which the Russians spent 1.3 billion euros. Picture: Valentin Komposterov/Flickr

Here is the good news: discount sales are reaching their peak. Some of the stores slice off as much as 75 per cent of the price.

The bad news is that the Russians, who in addition to Finns are one of the biggest group discount sale visitors, are frequenting less to Finland and spending fewer roubles while shopping.

According to Mara, the Finnish Hospitality Association, the amount of Russian tourists in Finland could drop as much as 40 per cent in hotels during the turn of the year.

Mara lists two main reasons for this: the weakening of the rouble and the crisis in Ukraine.

In practice, the prices in Finland are now about 30 to 40 per cent more expensive to Russians in comparison with the situation two years ago.

“The amount of revenue left by the Russian travellers will drop over 100 million euros this year,” Jouni Vihmo, an economist at Mara, said in a bulletin in June 2014.

Epiphany, which is celebrated on Tuesday January 6, climaxes the amount of Russian visitors in Finland, which might uplift the amount of sales by an inch.

The Russians are the largest foreign group visiting Finland during the turn of the year.


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