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Refugees standing in front of their tent at the Railway Square in Helsinki. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

At 04:30 on Friday morning, a cyclist dressed in dark clothes passed the refugee protesters tent at the Helsinki Railway Square and lit the tent on fire.

“According to our knowledge, the person driving the bicycle threw something against the tent and the canvas started burning,” said Anne Hietala, the investigator in charge at the Helsinki Police Department.

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The burnt area consisted of about one square meter of canvas. Police are investigating the incident as damage to property.

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“We are now talking to the eyewitnesses and we are investigating what has been thrown, why the tent started burning and who is the perpetrator,” Hietala said.

Across the square stands another tent set up by Finnish protesters, a group called “Suomi ensin” (Finland first).

The camp organizer, Marco de Wit, [highlight color=#FFFF00 ]said to Finland Today[/highlight] that they will not relinquish their position until the refugee protesters camp has been dissembled. Both camps have been standing on the square for over a month.

Both camps have been standing in the square for over a month.

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