Mayor of Helsinki Juhan Vartiainen (the NCP) is the chairman of the Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group. Photograph: Tony Öhberg

The Metropolitan Area coronavirus coordination group recommends limiting the number of participants in indoor public events and public meetings in the capital region to 20 people.

The group also recommends that public spaces or spaces intended for a limited group of customers or participants are arranged “in such a way that the risk of infection from close contact between customers and activity participants can be prevented,” the coordination group noted in a statement on Monday afternoon.

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It’s up to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland to apply the new restrictions.

The coordination group sees that the pandemic situation in the metropolitan area has continued to decline. The coronavirus coordination group considers that the introduction of more extensive restrictions on public events and customer premises “are necessary to contain the declining coronavirus situation and to safeguard the operation of the social and health care services, including hospital and intensive care capacity.” “Currently, hospitals have to cancel several operations requiring intensive care in the HUS area every day,” the coordination group noted.

Currently, there are restrictions on public events in force in the metropolitan area regarding indoor standing sections and sing-along events.

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All restrictions can be avoided by requiring a coronavirus passport.