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Upper secondary school graduates. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

On Saturday, 26,776 upper secondary school students are going to graduate in Finland, and they will be crowned with the black and white student’s cap, while a toast of bubbly is raised, speeches made and the certificate of matriculation is passed from hand to hand among relatives, friends and neighbors.

C:s, B:s and A:s turn the smiles up and down. In some families, a total of eight 8 Laudaturs in eight tests, which is the best score, will inspire taps on the head and generosity unseen before. (A total of four graduates scored eight Laudaturs.)

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This year, 40,000 people took the matriculation exams.

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According to the Finnish National Agency for Education, in total, 58,600 students will receive a diploma from the comprehensive school. 76,200 will graduate from vocational studies.

Cheers to all the graduates!