Bright sunny weather is in the forecast for the weekend in southern Finland.

Since Wednesday, the temperatures have dropped drastically in southern Finland. Photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

Freezing temperatures have taken over the country after the snowfall that begun on Monday and turned to a blizzard between Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Friday, the weather is going to be sunny with freezing temperatures of about minus 20 to 25 degrees Celsius in southern Finland. In Helsinki, because of the cold breeze, the weather is likely to feel between 5 and 10 degrees colder.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a warning for freezing temperatures in the southern, central, western and eastern parts.

This week the coldest temperatures were measured in the north at the Kittilä Airport on Wednesday: minus 39.4 degrees Celsius. On the night between Wednesday and Thursday minus 38.6 degrees was measured in another northern municipality, Muonio.

On Thursday, the daytime lows dropped to minus 15-20 degrees Celsius in Helsinki, but because of the cold breeze, it felt more like -28.

During the night between Thursday and Friday, the mercury dropped between minus 20 and 30 in the southern and central parts.

The weather is going to get slightly milder during the weekend. In southern Finland daytime highs are going to be around minus 15 degrees Celsius while in Lapland freezing temperatures of minus 10 degrees are expected.

In the southern parts, the weekend is going to be sunny with increased cloudiness in the eastern and northern parts.