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Code of Conduct


Finland Today is a non-partisan media organization based in the center of Helsinki, Finland. We aim to deliver impartial, fact-based and informed media content in the English language to all residents of Finland, while also appealing to foreign interest in the country.

Primarily, Finland Today aims to act as a gateway for non-Finnish speaking persons in Helsinki and Greater Finland, whether it be a permanent or temporary location of residence.

In the pursuit of this goal, Finland Today wishes to provide a different style of journalism that reflects the changing nature of media: dynamic, focused and detailed analyses of specific issues of interest to the community. In the process of informing different segments of Finnish society, we also hope to attract Finnish-speakers who demand a different style of journalism, and one that is completely independent and transparent.

Our mission is to provide an outlet for civic engagement for the entire community. Through an understanding of important topics covered by the Finnish press, we give a voice to the residents of Finland who do not have a strong command of the Finnish language. Subsequently, it enables this demographic to better engage with matters concerning public policy, culture and politics, which is essential for a fully-fledged democratic nation. Finland Today acts as an intersection between these communities and aims to achieve informative discussion concerning current affairs in Finland.

The ethical standards of Finland Today:

  • Accurate facts, complete and presented in whole, withholding bias, individual preferences and preferences of the source. Impartial pursuit of information.
  • Independent work: not republishing translations of Finnish articles or other news entities. Plagiarism and misappropriation of intellectual property will not be accepted.
  • Strict opposition to dishonest manipulation of media content (e.g. photos, videos) and accurate labeling of such media.
  • Identification of all sources, unless the source requires anonymity to avoid persecution or reprimand.
  • Clear and strict boundaries surrounding identification of Finland Today staff: refusing to rely on subterfuge to gain access to information or sources.

Finland Today is supported by a diversified business model, which aims to include advertising, membership and other revenue sources. These sources will not compromise editorial integrity.