We Tried Bug Bread!

The slices of bread, spread lightly with butter, were eaten with enthusiasm.

I Love Me Fair – An Introduction to Plastic Surgery

I thought that the I Love Me Fair was preying upon the modern woman’s insecurities with quick fixes at a price. However, I am starting to think that it is a safe environment to explore things like permanent cosmetic work.

Gloria Fashion Show Takes It Back To the 70’s

An endless parade of modest, button up shirt dresses in novelty patterns were marched down the runway paired with modern elements such as fur, army jackets, ankle boots and at times sequins.

Helsinki City Museum Sets a New Standard – Opens on Friday

Helsinki City Museum has completely raised the benchmark on what can be realised in a museum space, both technologically, interactively, and societally. The space offers a rich, sensory experience free of charge, delivers information in spades, and promises to entertain any visitor, no matter their predilections.

Your Guide To Vappu

Vappu is a long-standing tradition in Finland and one of the most exciting days of the calendar year, starting on the 30th of April with vappuaatto

Vintage Treasures Rise From the Ashes of Cast-Off Clothes in Helsinki

Pristine Saks Fifth Avenue coats and 70’s prom dresses, and Uvex sunglasses that came in various colours and shapes that would make any eyewear aficionado of the early 90’s drool. And these were just some of the treasures that rose from the ashes of cast-off vintage goods.

A Taste of Texas In Finland

People all over the world love Texas, from the slang and our big pick up trucks to the outdated misconceived notions.