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Pictures: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Finland

The brothers Grimsby is a strange cocktail of Austin Powers meets Ali G, with tinges of Bond and the intensity of Borat/Bruno, the latter major hits in Finland in the late 2000s. The film is directed by Louis Leterrier, the man known for action-packed crime thrillers such as The Transporter (2002) and Now You See Me (2013), and even though his previous work has featured comical elements, this is his first attempt in crazy action-comedy.


Straight off the bat, I would say that this is one of Sascha Baron Cohen’s most accomplished films. For what seems to be the first time, he balances many elements in his film, in a package that most moviegoers will find something to suit their tastes. That is an extraordinary feat for someone that is ultimately famed for confronting people.

[alert type=white ]Straight off the bat, I would say that this is one of Sascha Baren Cohen’s most accomplished films.[/alert]

The Brothers Grimsby sees Baron Cohen return to Ali G’s country of residence, dealing with similar social issues and class stereotypes. Naturally, this is a strong hand for Baron Cohen, and one that shows in the film. I find him to straddle the line between sharp and clever satire, and questionable stereotypes and vulgarity well in this instance. It’s not in everyone’s taste, admittedly, but you know what you’re up for when seeing one of his films.

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It’s a matter of approach . . . If you’re expecting a film of deep significance or independent cinema style, naturally, this will not appeal. Yet, The Brothers Grimsby delivers on almost everything else: comedy, satire, action, vulgarity, all underpinned with a deeper commentary on some important social issues, in which Baron Cohen’s skill and understanding is obvious.

The Brothers Grimsby opens in cinemas on February 26.