The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread and variants pose a threat from abroad. “We do not yet have adequate measures available to replace the restrictions,” the government noted in a statement.

Photograph: Ilkka Jukarainen/Flickr

Borders to Finland remain closed for most countries until June 15, 2021.

However, some changes will take place on Monday.

Based on an epidemiological assessment, the government opens the borders for residents of Israel arriving in Finland.

At the same time, the borders will close for the citizens of Thailand.

Earlier, “due to the low incidence of Covid-19,” restrictions were lifted for traffic arriving in Finland from the Vatican and for traffic between Finland and Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Rwanda, Thailand and New Zealand.

Of the Schengen countries, only residents of Iceland are allowed to cross the border. Traffic restrictions have also been lifted for residents of border communities at Finland’s land boundary with Norway.

The government still recommends avoiding unnecessary travel to other countries, except where the restrictions on entry have been lifted.