Warm weather is ahead, and people are likely to find their way to the beaches.

The warm weather is likely to attract people to gather on beaches. The water and nights are still chilly, though. Archive photograph: TONY ÖHBERG/FINLAND TODAY

The warm breeze felt on your face on Thursday in Helsinki is just the beginning.

It’s going to be beach weather soon! Weather forecast services such as Foreca and the Finnish Meteorological Institute are predicting temperatures of as much as 24 Celsius to arrive in the Uusimaa region by the end of the week.


However, the nights will still remain cold. Freezing temperatures are possible even in some parts of southern Finland.

Until Sunday, Mother’s Day, the temperatures are likely to stay around 20 degrees in the Helsinki region. On Sunday, the mercury could climb up to 23 degrees.

“On Monday, it’s possible that we would get closer to the threshold of hot weather (25.1 degrees Celsius),” said Markus Mäntykannas, a meteorologist at Foreca.

The warm weather may attract people to gather on beaches.

The surface weather in the sea is about 5 degrees Celsius and in lakes about 10 degrees.

Sunscreen is recommended.