In an interview with Finland Today, we attempt to find out more about the mysterious American group that Finns have been enjoying on streaming services.

From left: Guitarist Tristan Matthew, vocalist Logan Tabor, guitarist Worth Weaver and drummer Jeremy Bryan. Photograph: Savannah Rowley

Wilmington North Carolina based alltheprettythings has combined different and unique styles from rock to heavy metal and from post-hardcore to punk that attempt to dig deep and speak to the listener on a personal level.

Streaming charts provided by their manager state that the debut single “Teenage Lines” (released November 16) was number one in Helsinki for the top cities of this song.

Wondering why? Perhaps listeners of Helsinki need the energy. There’s this dark, gloomy winter. The frigid air motivates to stay inside, safe from the outside world. While engaging in the activating sound and compelling lyrics, listeners feel a sense of power.

Well. . . let’s get down to it who the guys in the band are. Alltheprettythings consists of current and former touring members of bands: Alesana, He is Legend, Chiodos and Damona Walts. Pretty unfamiliar groups, at least for us, Finns.

In a phone interview, it came clear to me that Logan Tabor (vocalist), Worth Weaver (producer/guitarist), Tristan Matthew (guitarist) and Jersey Bryan (drummer) are the core of alltheprettythings.

I discovered, that while the group was deputing their first single they received immense feedback and recognition for their unique sound and techniques. They were added to Spotify’s New Noise and All New Rock playlists, as well as playlists on Apple Music and YouTube. I guess one can say that this so far highlights their success right off the bat.

“Teenage Lines” speaks to me and individuals as an evolving power. Of truly becoming human, your own person. How our lives are highlighted by changes that aren’t understood clearly. Utopian dreams, forfeiting our inner anger and fears of what lies in the future. Angst covered in the hope of the unknown. Compelling lyrics connect with a dynamic, beautiful sound.

Our interview follows.

That’s just the noise that comes out of my fingers, this is what I do.

Tristan matthew

Could you share where you get your inspiration for sound, technique and lyrics?

Logan Tabor:

“As far as the sound, we all kinda grew up with the early 2000’s hard rock, emo scene, The My Chemical Romances of the world. It fit me. I’ve always felt drawn back to the really pumped-up, hard rock, I feel like we all know it well. I couldn’t get away from it. It was cool to be able to do it, after doing sad-boy songs, it was fun to get people all jazzed up. Pumped. Lyrically I’ve always put stock in really playing around with words, saying things that people can relate to, and putting a unique spin to it.”

Tristan Matthew:

“It’s quite funny how you can grow up to a genre of music, then expand to trying out different genres and things, but you keep coming back to it. That’s just the noise that comes out of my fingers, this is what I do.”

What is the meaning behind some of the “Teenage Lines” lyrics?

Travis Matthew:

“See I’ve been knowing the devil got faith in me.”

Logan Tabor:

“Me relinquishing power, and not letting what someone thinks of me overthrow me. If you think I’m the devil, I’ll be the devil. I know I’m not this devil person, I will let you think what you please.”

What is the main goal? If you could say one main message, what are you trying to achieve with your music and being?

Logan Tabor:

“For me, to understand yourself actually. What motivates you, how you feel, knowing yourself truly and how you interact with the world around you. How you put yourself out there really is a reflection of who you are.”

Alltheprettythings will be releasing their second single “Every Now And Then” in the early first quarter of 2023.

Let’s hope the internet doesn’t break in Finland!