All commuter trains have been canceled. Photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

The Railway Union’s (RAU) train drivers’ protest will halt commuter train services on Friday. “The drivers will not come to work on Friday,” Helsinki Region Transport Authority (HSL) noted in a statement.

Reasons for the strike, according to the union, include that the government-owned railway company VR’s staff policy has broken the collective agreement by forcing duties to be completed on free time, and duties have also been “assigned in a discriminatory way.”

Services are expected to resume on Saturday morning around 5:00.

VR, however, noted on Friday morning that the following long-distance trains will run as usual:

IC 5 Helsinki-Joensuu at 13:19

IC 6 Joensuu-Helsinki at 9:02

S 7 Helsinki-Joensuu at 15:19

IC 8 Joensuu-Helsinki at 12:13

IC 11 Helsinki-Joensuu at 18:29

IC 27 Tampere-Oulu at 16:02

IC 51 Helsinki-Oulu at 16:24

IC 62 Kajaani-Helsinki at 3:40

IC 65 Helsinki-Kuopio at 11:19

IC 68 Kuopio-Helsinki at 14:20

IC 73 Helsinki-Kajaani at 19:19

IC 104 Imatra-Helsinki at 6:02     

IC 111 Helsinki-Imatra at 17:19

IC 466 Pori-Tampere at 7:15

IC 477 Tampere-Pori at 6:03

IC 710 Oulu-Kuopio at 18:12

IC 713 Kuopio-Oulu at 12:39

IC 716 Oulu-Kuopio at 10:03

IC 904 Tampere-Turku at 5:50    

H 420 Jyväskylä-Haapamäki-Tampere at 5:05      

Also, all regional trains will run as usual between Karjaa–Hanko, Parikkala–Savonlinna, Joensuu–Pieksämäki, Joensuu–Nurmes and Ylivieska–Iisalmi.

Between Lahti–Kouvola and Kouvola–Kotka port all trains will run as usual, except Z-train 235 at 16:35 Helsinki-Kouvola.