Michael Fassbender plays David and Walter in ‘Alien: Covenant’. Picture: Copyright © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox

There seem to be more space movies thrown on the silver screen than anything else lately. They are mysterious, cash cows, maybe, and the simple premise is often enough to keep the average viewer interested. But only if the acting and CGI are really good. In Alien: Covenant, the Ridley Scott-directed sixth installment of the series of sci-fi horror, the CGI is fine. And that’s about it.

The story is about a spaceship, Covenant, that holds 2,000 people aboard, on their way to a remote planet Origae-6. Their only hope to make it there is the crew holding the strings behind the board.

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The story circles around a couple of Michael Fassbenders (Assasin’s Creed, Steve Jobs, Macbeth), (yes, he has an identical brother), Katherine Waterston (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) – and a list of rather unknown actors from Billy Crudup (Big Fish) to Danny McBride (Pineapple Express). The rest of the cast consists of white, extraterrestrial beasts with tentacles that spread like city rabbits but bite harder.

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The humans, androids and aliens come in contact when they discover a seemingly uncharted planet. Needless to say, the encounter becomes a game of life and death. Survival. The major problem, however, is that you would have to be a true Alien freak to understand the nuances of the plot and care for the film for that matter.

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It’s very advisable to watch the first one from 1979 instead, which was also directed by then 42-year-old Ridley Scott. There’s a reason why it’s considered a classic.

It may also very well be the only Alien film that you need to watch. Ever.

‘Alien: Covenant’ premieres in cinemas May 17.